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Tractor Supply

We are trying to make ordering Stabul 1 diets through Tractor Supply a little easier. Some of the TSC stores are unaware that they are even able to get Stabul 1 into their store. Stabul 1 is currently on the Blue Seal company order worksheet, however the store must contact us directly for ordering information. If the TSC store can not get Blue Seal products through the Arcade, New York distribution center then the Stabul 1 would come directly from our warehouse. Stabul 1 is not a shelf stock item which makes it a special order. Each of the Stabul 1 flavor’s have their own SKU code which will help to find them in the TSC system. You can mix and match Stabul 1 when ordering.

  • 1151030 Stabul 1 Fenugreek
  • 1151031 Stabul 1 Banana
  • 1238254 Stabul 1 Peppermint
  • 1150999 Stabul 1 Plus Fenugreek